I had to keep reminding myself of an episode of Ramblings (a radio 4 walking programme) in which Satish Kumar scolds Claire Balding for complaining about the weather. ‘There’s no such thing as bad weather’ he cheerfully declares. And I do agree with him. The picture above was taken this afternoon, as I walked my dog through the murky storm. Being out in it was invigorating…and we had the world to ourselves ! I find being uncomfortable at times helpful, reminding me that we can’t control everything in life, but we can carry on, endeavouring to do our best, what ever circumstances we are engulfed in.

The episode of Ramblings is available to listen to on the internet – It is titled ‘Walking for spiritual renewal’.

You might also like to read Satish’ fascinating and enlightening autobiography, No Destination, in which he describes such experiences as joining the Jain monk brotherhood at the age of 9 and his 8000 mile peace walk, which he set out on penniless and without any equipment.

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